Could we be one step closer to a new Tool album? Tool drummer Danny Carey revealed to us in late 2017 he expected the band's new album to be out "definitely" in 2018. While that prediction didn't come to fruition, the drummer just shared with a fan at the NAMM convention the supposed release month for the upcoming disc.

Carey, who looks to be set up at a booth for a meet-and-greet / signing, was asked a couple of questions before the person shooting the clip, YouTuber Dirk Doucette, asked if there was any news on the album. "Yeah, it should be out mid-April," the drummer replied, adding, "That's the plan anyway."

Earlier this month, frontman Maynard James Keenan tweeted that "final vocals [had been] tracked months ago" for the new album, later adding that if all of the band's instrumentals had been tracked, they'd be in the long process of mixing the new album.

In the same tweet, Keenan revealed he'd be quite busy this year with more A Perfect Circle tour dates, writing, filming and tracking with Puscifer and "trolling the band FBs with wine posts."

If Carey's prediction of mid-April for a new disc proves to be true, it would line up perfectly with the band's 2019 touring plans. At present, they are set to play Welcome to Rockville, Epicenter and Chicago Open Air on successive weekends in May, followed by a European tour in June and early July. See all of their dates here.

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