In keeping with their late arrival to the digital domain, Tool have finally released a batch of their official music videos on YouTube, marking the first time the band have shared the clips to the video-sharing website.

No longer will fans be relegated to low quality rips of Tool's videos for "Sober," "Ænema," "Stinkfist, "Schism," "Vicarious" or even "Prison Sex." Indeed, as of last week — Aug. 29, in fact, the upload date for the newly shared, vintage clips — viewers can bask in the standard definition glory of each aforementioned track's accompanying visual. Watch them down toward the bottom of this post.

Of course, each vid's description starts with an enjoinder to "Get The New Album Fear Inoculum Available Now." The long-awaited fifth album from the act emerged Aug. 30; it's the band's first in 13 years.

As for a possible new music video surrounding the release of Fear Inoculum, Tool guitarist and frequent video director Adam Jones told Revolver last month that the band have "big plans" for forthcoming clips. "We've got a couple in the making," he said, "and you'll see them when they come out."

The videos aren't the only belated Tool material to suddenly meet with modern music consumption. The group waited until last month to allow their music to be accessed via streaming outlets.

Tool, "Sober" Music Video

Tool, "Ænema" Music Video

Tool, "Stinkfist" Music Video

Tool, "Schism" Music Video

Tool, "Vicarious" Music Video

Tool, "Prison Sex" Music Video

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