We have all come to love David Harper as Jim Harper on Stranger Things. Honestly, I couldn't imagine anyone else playing the role. BUT, the role was originally intended for a couple of different actors.

The Duffer brothers had intended for the role to go to someone like Sam Rockwell or Ewan McGregor.

The show was originally pitched being just one season, so the Duffer brothers felt they could land a big name like Rockwell or McGregor. They were even looking for Naomi Watts or Marisa Tomei for the role of Joyce. Of course that role ultimately went to Winona Ryder.

After 3 seasons with David Harbour as Hopper, his fate is up in the air right now. He seemingly died in the explosion at the end of season 3, But, there is an end credit scene that has some Russians talking about "the American" that has people thinking that is most likely Harper.

Just how attached have we come to David Harbour's Hopper? My wife cried when it appears Hopper dies. She didn't cry at ANY of our wedding stuff. Nothing. But she cried for Hopper. Clearly I know where I stand in this relationship.

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