I use Amazon all the time. I love ordering things and having them show up at work. It's like Christmas. Except sometimes I have to pace myself because my bank account can't take all the spending. Plus Amazon Prime comes in handy when Netflix just isn't cutting it.

Now, I've never actually returned anything to Amazon. I've never needed to. But apparently if you return too much, your account could be shut down.

Greg Nelson, a computer programmer, used Amazon a lot. He ordered 343 items. He also ended up returning 37 of the items. And he says all the items were returned with just cause. Nelson said, "I could understand if there were evidence that I had somehow tried to abuse the system, but I haven't."

Another customer, Katy Kilmarton, had her Amazon account shut down. She returned 30 or 112 items she had bought. She ended up losing the remaining amount on her account for £170 and also lost the remaining months she had on her Amazon Prime membership.

Amazon had been canceling accounts since at least 2008, and have even cancelled accounts of family members at the same address.


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