Tony Romo has to be enjoying his post NFL playing career at this point. He not only isn't getting knocked around the field for 60 minutes every Sunday, but he's already had a pretty successful broadcasting career, and now he can't seem to stop winning golf tournaments.

Granted, he wasn't playing in the Masters or the US Open, but hey, a win is a win, right?

Romo now has back to back wins. He won the Racine Tri-Course Amateur Championship a couple weekends ago, and just this past weekend won American Century Championship.

This past weekend's tournament was against a bunch of current and retired professional athletes. Romo beat former Major League pitcher Mark Mulder by three points. Now, you might be wondering, why points and not strokes? Well, the tournament uses a system called the Stableford scoring system, which gives points as follows:

  • 8 points for an albatross
  • 5 points for an eagle
  • 2 points for a birdie
  • Zero points for par
  • 1 point deduction for a bogey
  • And 3 points deducted for a double bogey or worse

San Jose Sharks captain Joe Pavelski and former NBA 3 point specialist Jesus Shuttlesworth... er, I mean Ray Allen tied for third in the tournament.

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