In the long and glorious history of our industry, we've seen leaks from every source imaginable. Whether intentional or unintentional, countless games and specific information about countless more has been revealed to the public before their publishers and PR departments planned to give up the digital goose. In the case of the next Tony Hawk game, however, the goose was cooked by the man actually in charge of cooking the goose or duck or whatever was being served that night.

Chef Joe Youkhan posted an innocent picture to his Instagram account (the picture has been removed, but you can see a screenshot of it below) showing off his latest catering job, apparently some kind of dinner event held in a half-pipe at Tony Hawk or Activision's expense. We know this, because behind Youkhan in the picture is a giant projector screen with what looks like video game consoles and the words "TONY HAWK 5" in big letters showing on the screen. Whoops.

Aside from the "d'oh!" moment, what's notable here is the name of the game. Activision called the Tony Hawk 5 moniker a "working title" according to Polygon, but the name signals a return to form for the series, as the only Tony Hawk game with "4" in the title is Pro Skater 4. Calling the game Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 might bring back older fans via curiosity alone (that's what we hope it'll be called).

We don't blame Chef Youkhan here though. If we were chosen to cater or run a gaming industry event based on an icon like Tony Hawk, we'd want to post pictures too. The only thing we're shaking our heads over is the camera angle. If that picture's taken from the side of the half pipe looking down on him, no one thinks twice. Gotta check those surroundings Chef! We hope he didn't get in trouble for this pic, but let that be a warning to all you social media junkies out there — be careful what you post, especially when it's work-related.

We'll have more on Tony Hawk 5 or whatever it ends up being called as it's announced.

Chef Joe Youkhan (Instagram)

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