Tommy Wiseau, the auteur behind "The Room"  has let Mark Hamill know that he'd like a role in the next Star Wars movie.

    Your quick primer on Tommy Wiseau: "The Room" is considered by many fans to be the "best" worst movie of all time. There are lots of terrible movies that were made by amateurs without any budget at all. "The Room" manages to be awful despite having had a $6 million budget.  Nobody is 100% sure where this six million came from but there are a lot of theories on-line. "The Room" is so great because it was never intended to be campy or kitschy. It was made in all earnestness.

   The movie about the making of "The Room" is called "The Disaster Artist". It stars James Franco as Wiseau and is in theaters now.

    Tommy Wiseau recently tweeted to Mark Hamill aka Luke Skywalker:

      It's ,of course, a long shot that this will ever happen so here's a mashup of Star Wars and The Room that will have to do for now. 

Video courtesy of PistolShrimps

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