Working for a morning show, you have to get up early. I'm lucky, because I think the really early mornings actually sit with me better than normal hours. It can be tough to get out of bed though. Here are some tricks to help you get up early.

  1. Get enough sleep. Yeah, it sounds silly and simple, but it's true. If you're getting to bed on time, you're more likely to get up on time.
  2. Move your alarm clock far away. If it's really easy for you to roll over and hit the snooze or even turn your alarm off, that's not good. If you have put in some effort to get to it, all that's doing is waking you up in that time.
  3. Gradually wake up, don't sprint out of bed. This one can be difficult because if you are really tired, just gradually waking up can mean falling back asleep. But set your alarm 15 minutes before you need to get up. Spend that extra 15 minutes waking up, not dozing off.
  4. Set your alarm for your sleep cycle. We generally have 90 minute sleep cycles. Before you doze off, set your alarm for 7 and a half hours or even 9 hours. This will align with your bodies natural sleep cycle and will prevent the alarm from going off in the middle of the deepest part of your sleep. Of course, this is taking into account you fall asleep right away.

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