On this week's After Buzz we cover the following topics:

  • The fact I still don't have an NHL team. I've asked for suggestions but I think what I'm going to do is just watch the NHL, and if a team pops out to me as something I'd like to watch, then that will be my team.
  • I briefly talk about the NFL and the big Chiefs/Pats game coming up on Sunday.
  • Streetfest last weekend was awesome. It did take some getting used to the new set up, but it was a great weekend overall.
  • And finally, I talk about streaming and the issues we run into live streaming the show on YouTube. And I'm sorry to say to everyone out there that likes watching the show on YouTube, it's probably going away for the time being. It's not worth streaming the show on YouTube, because if we get pinged for another copyright violation, we're at risk of losing all of our YouTube videos. So for now, we will most likely be on Facebook.
  • Speaking of streaming and broadcasting the show on a live stream, please, realize we are working out ALL options. Sending us a message for us to go to Twitch isn't going to magically fix the problem. We know about Twitch. We've looked into. It's not as easy as just opening that account for us because of corporate issues.

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