As a non "Game of Thrones" watcher, I'm slowly learning a lot about the series. I most recently asked about how Jon Snow and Daenerys are related and Lisa gave me a really good explanation. I've still yet to see an episode but that didn't stop me from participating in our "Game of Thrones Death Draft."

Because we are in the beginning of the end, everyone is anticipating episode two. I'm sure this week's episode will be a doozy as usual. One of the great things about not watching the show, I don't care about spoilers. I genuinely look forward to hearing Lisa, Brandon and Buzz explain the most recent episode, I really feel like I don't miss out.

I also don't let the fact that I don't watch the show stop me from enjoying memes and most recently, videos that parody "GOT." (I call it "GOT" now, because I've been approved by "GOT fans). Buzz most recently found one that parodies Vanilla Ice's hit "Ice Ice Baby" you can check it out here. Well I just found another one to hold you through to next week's episode. It's called "Seven Kingdom Army" performed by... The White Walkers. AWESOME!


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