If you’ve got a tick problem there may be a very simple, non-toxic and environmentally friendly solution for you. Chickens!

Ticks are gross. They can carry terrible diseases like Lyme Disease, Tick Fever and Powassan virus. They get on your dog and kids. Chickens love to eat ticks. As a bonus, once your chickens fatten up on disgusting ticks you can then fry up the chickens, thereby feeding off those nasty parasitic little bastards for a change! Check out how it works here.

Here’s a Pro Tip for you. I grew up on a farm and my dad always told me that the REAL tick predators are another common barnyard fowl: the guinea. According to my dad, regular chicken can’t hold a candle to guineas when it comes to chowing down on ticks. We never ate guinea so I don’t know how they compare to chickens taste-wise. There’s another bonus for the guineas: unlike chickens guinea have been known to kill snakes.


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