What's better than playing Link in The Legend of Zelda? Watching action figure Link beat up clay monsters in a fan-made, stop-motion film.

Stop-motion films are an absolute terror to make. You need to take about six trillion pictures of things that have only moved approximately .000001 centimeters between each frame. However, there are some fans who think it's worth it and honestly, after watching this Legend of Zelda fan-made claymation short by animator Johnny McHone (courtesy of Kotaku), we're glad they do. You can check out the video above to see just how much hard work and dedication was put into the 3-minute video, but if you would rather read about it first then continue on!

In the video, Link is just enjoying his time, playing some music on a grassy hillside, when all of a sudden, BAM! Weird ant monsters decide that they want to take a chunk or two out of his Hylian face. While he's trying to defeat these pesky bugs, they just get up and run away because of the odd crab/plant monster that comes up behind him. After cutting off all its limbs, the monster changes into its final form and that's when things get weird. Link does some fancy moves, picks up his bow and lands a fatal shot right through the monster's eye. Then, he throws a bomb in the thing's mouth and it explodes into a million gross pieces. Despite being made out of clay, that's all pretty metal.

In the end, everything is fine because Link did it for the Vine, seriously. The video above was actually made using nothing but an iPhone and Vine. Wow.

Think you know The Legend of Zelda? Guess again:

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