If you watch The After Buzz, and you should be, you'd know that I've been watching a lot of videos about Disney parks in other countries.

I stumbled on this version of Pirates of the Caribbean. This is the Shanghai Disney Resort, which opened just a few years ago on June 16th, 2016.

Interestingly enough, the parks outside of the United States aren't necessarily owned by Disney. Shanghai Disney Resort is owned by Shanghai Shendi Group (57%) and The Walt Disney Company (43%).

If you travel over to Tokyo, Japan, Tokyo Disneyland isn't owned by The Walt Disney Company at all. It's owned by The Oriental Land Company. Disney leases the rights of their characters, movies. etc. to The Oriental Land Company.

With as much as I've seen of the parks outside of the United States, I gotta say. I want to go. I've seen Disneyland and I've seen Disney World. Now it's time to branch out internationally.

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