We decided not to limit our options for “Mt. Rushmore of Christmas Villains” so we left it wide open. Who are the greatest/worst Christmas villains real or fictional? Here’s what we narrowed it down to:

  • 1.) King Herod the Great

The O.G. (Original Grinch) of Christmas villains. Herod was king of Judea when the Wise Men were following the star of Bethlehem and trying to find the baby Jesus. When Herod found out there was a “new king of Israel” he wasn’t having it. He sent his men out to kill every male child two years and younger in the land. So, a pretty bad dude who HATED Christmas even if he didn’t know it at the time.

  • 2.) Scrooge

When you refer to someone as a “Scrooge” you’re not saying they’re a person who USED to hate Christmas but had a change of heart because they were visited by 4 ghosts. No, what you’re saying is they are a major league hater of all things Christmas.

Still, even BEFORE being visited by the ghosts, Scrooge’s policy was to give his employee half a day off on Christmas Eve. The company who owns KLAQ does NOT include Christmas Eve as a holiday. Yeah, Townsquare Media is literally worse than Scrooge.

  • 3.) Mr. Potter from It’s a Wonderful Life

A sick, twisted old man according to George Bailey. Old man Potter was trying to put the Bailey Brothers Building and Loan out of business for decades. He hated that the Baileys were willing to give low interest loans to poor residents of Bedford Falls (many of them immigrants) so they could afford to move out of Potter’s slums and tenements. Potter STEALS the money that Uncle Billy was carrying from the bank. He would’ve let George and Uncle Billy go to jail so he could continue being a slumlord!

  • 4.) The Grinch

(See #2-Scrooge). The Grinch is much worse than Scrooge. They both hated Christmas, but at least Scrooge, even at his Scroogiest, didn’t sneak into the Cratchitt’s house and steal their food, presents and decorations. The Grinch sucks even more than Townsquare Media, is my point.

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