Not one to miss out on a viral challenge, The Buzz Adams Morning Show decided it was time to get in on the #HowHardDidAgingHitYou challenge! If you're not sure what this is, it's real simple; users share two pictures- one of the very first selfie they uploaded to the site and the second a recent picture. Since it initially started on Facebook many are taking the time to reminisce when they upload the pictures. It's the official first viral trend of 2019 and it's definitely taken the internet by storm! You can't really log on to Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat without seeing your friends share their pictures! I already did mine, and Buzz has said that I look the same in both pictures, which made me real happy but also, on the second picture, I used a filter!

Well, after I did it, I decided this was the perfect time to show our readers the rest of the Morning Show. Now, some of us on the show are older than others (*cough* Buzz *cough*) so trying to track down a picture from ten years ago was a little challenging,  but we did it, so behold: The Morning Show's "How Hard Did Aging Hit You Challenge?"


  • Nico Adjemian
    Nico Adjemian

    Nico Adjemian

    RIP Nico's 2009 hair

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    Lisa Sanchez

    Still got the fierce eyebrows and still rocking out!

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    Brandon Coates

    Note in the pic on the left there's no ring- years later that's him at his wedding!

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    Buzz Adams

    In both pictures, Buzz is wearing stuff his girlfriend would not approve of!

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