Some of the best love songs are actually about heartbreak. There's no doubt that many a Texan's heart was broken when news broke that Whataburger was sold to a Chicago investment firm in order to expand the company. What better way to capture that hurt, and the love we all share for our dear Whataburger, than by singing a love song?

Matt Upshaw, from Waco, and a few of his friends had something to say about Whataburger's new "fling" with Chicago. Speaking to 6 News in Waco, Upshaw says it all started with some online gaming:

“I met Harrison, the owner of Black Mountain Cinema, at a wedding. Then we started gaming online together. Then I met his friends online too. Found out they are songwriters and producers and with Harry’s talent with a camera, we started joking about making a video about Whataburger."

Upshaw was then sent a beat and started writing a rap, then sent it to Cooper Bascom, who you hear singing the chorus, and that's how "Dear Whataburger" was born.

The song, which is hella catchy, has had over 50,000 views and thousands of shares after being uploaded on Facebook.

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