The trailer for Jordan Peele's Candyman has s really creepy version of Destiny's Child's Say My Name. Check out the trailer...

This got me thinking about another version of Say My Name that not many people know about. It was done by the Sick Puppies.

I do the Rockstar 101 podcast with Shim Moore, the former lead singer of the Sick Puppies. You can find the podcast anywhere you get your podcasts including Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. One time we got to talking about his version of that song.

Quick synopsis of what went down...

They were going to release their version of the song, but they needed to get the approval of all the writers and producers on the original. One of them held out because he didn't like how they changed the song. Basically the fact that they used the word "bitch".

So the song was never released and they were told to destroy all copies of it. Not all did get destroyed and now you can find it on YouTube. So here you go, Sick Puppies Say My Name.

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