It sucks. It was a horrible blown call that could have ended the game. But it didn't END the game. The game continued into overtime.

So as much as you want to cry that the blown call cost the Saints a trip to the Super Bowl. It didn't. The Saints inability to stop the Rams from kicking a game tying field goal and Drew Brees' interception in overtime did.

I know, I get it. If that pass interference call is made correctly, the game would essentially be over. The Saints could run the clock with a first down and goal from inside the 5 yard line. But don't forget, Sean Payton was choosing to throw, which was stopping the clock.

What makes this sting even more for Saints fans? We are just a year removed from the Saints missing out on a trip to the NFC Championship game after the Minneapolis Miracle.

So to wrap this up, I have two videos for you to watch. Normally, I don't agree with Colin Cowherd. He seems to take a stance that is different for the sake of being different. And I don't like saying that because he's a really nice guy. I worked with him in Portland before he made the jump to ESPN. Super nice guy. But I do agree with what he says here:

And, just in case you want to relive that Minneapolis Miracle. Watch this. It's Bill Burr doing his podcast while watching last year's divisional game between the Saints and the Vikings.



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