Our own Lisa Sanchez and Joanna Barbacoa were part of the media (translation for Trumpites: FAKE NEWS) that were at Donald Trump’s MAGA rally in El Paso. Now, I’m not saying anything crazy like, “Trump busses people into his rallys” because that sounds, and probably is, cookoo.


Lisa did tell me she talked to a few people who said that they kind travel around to make it too as many of these Trump rallies as possible. And, that’s fine. I mean, I sure it’s possible people followed Obama or, I don’t know, Chester A. Arthur around like Grateful Dead-heads or extremely partisan Dave Matthews fans.

But, those who watched the president’s speech might have noticed a…familiar face…standing in the prime seating directly behind Trump. It was this guy:


This is the self-styled “Michael the Black Man” who goes to many, many Trump rallies and somehow always gets a prime VIP seat right behind Trump and right in front of the TV cameras. Pure coincidence, I am sure.

Getty Images

Here he is in Phoenix.

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And here he is in Melbourne, FL.

And I’m also NOT saying that Mr. The Black Man gets paid by anyone to go to so many Trump rallies. I don’t have any proof of that. For all I know, this could be an independently wealthy former member of a murder-cult who runs a website full of so many crazy theories it makes Alex Jones look like George F. Will in comparison. I don’t know that he isn’t.

But check out that link to Donald Trump’s most visible African American fan because it is nutso beyond my capacity to fully explain. Truly, you have to see it to believe it. You have to admit, it’s kind of weird that a guy who espouses the kind of theories you usually here coming from a guy pushing a shopping cart down the street and wearing his underwear on the outside somehow gets the kind of security clearance that puts him within an arms-length of the president of the United States. It seems like Trump shouldn’t be THAT desperate to find a black guy to stand behind him and act crazy. I mean, I assume he’s got Kanye’s cell number.

Here’s a previous article I wrote about Michael the (Totally Sane) Black Man.

And, for those of you who think I’m just a left-tard, Soros-funded shill who can’t be trusted : literally every single word that comes after the colon links the same information.