Valentine's day is over and it is officially "Singles Awareness Day." No, seriously, it's an official holiday. I understand your confusion though, because it's the day AFTER Valentine's day. I feel like like Valentine's day can also be called single awareness day because yesterday, I was DEFINITELY AWARE that I am single. Don't get me wrong, I love Valentine's day, but so many posts of couples being in love really showed me how single I am, as I ate my tacos with my cat.

To me, February 15 is mainly about 50% to 75% off Valentine's candy. But since today is a Friday, and I am single, I guess I'll take this opportunity to treat myself for being single and self sufficient. While I pop open a delicious bottle of wine and get another slice of pizza, enjoy these Tweets that my fellow singletons are sharing on this our sacred holiday:

Like me, many thought Valentine's day is also Singles Awareness day:

It sounds romantic.

I don't blame her.

That would be very helpful, actually.

Ugh, happens ALL. THE. TIME!



That sounds like my kind of Friday night!

I need a sign like this.

And, finally, something I think we can ALL agree on:

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