Today is a red-letter date for comic book nerds! Netflix premieres Season one of Luke Cage. Here are the basics so you non-nerds can jump right in and enjoy it as much as Brandon will.

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    His Main Power is His Impervious Skin

    He's also super-strong and has superhuman stamina (ladies). But his most notable power is that his skin is completely immune to damage from most conventional weapons.

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    His Superhero Name is Power Man

    Or, was Power Man, I guess. On Jessica Jones I never heard any reference to this name but I guess they could bring it up somewhere down the line. I kind of doubt it, though. Even in his early comic book days his identity was never secret. I mean, he had an ad in the Yellow Pages.

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    He Was the First African-American Superhero to Star in His Own Comic

    He was a trailblazer but, thankfully, his "blaxploitation" roots have been left out of this version.

    This Luke Cage doesn't talk "jive." He never calls anyone "suckah" as he punches them through a wall. There's no yellow disco shirt or Afro. Maybe when he debuted in 1972, these characteristics didn't seem so cringe-y. Thank God, they're gone now.

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    He Inspired One of Hollywood's Biggest Stars

    When he was first starting out, a young actor named Nicholas Coppola didn't want to get special treatment because he was Francis Ford Coppola's nephew. So, he borrowed the name of one of his favorite comic book characters and became Nicholas Cage. I'm surprised he's not Nicholas Kent.

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    He Has a Partner

    And his name is Iron Fist. In 2017, we'll be introduced to Danny Rand who's super power is make his fist glow and then using it to Kung-Fu bad guys into submission.

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