We are LIVE on FACEBOOK! At least for this After Buzz. But don't worry, I'm still uploading it to YouTube as well. Hence the reason the video above is from YouTube. But if you want to check out The After Buzz live, for the time being it will be over on Facebook every Wednesday at 10:30am MST.

Here are the topics covered in this episode of The After Buzz:

  • Domino's is being sued because someone complained their website and mobile app weren't compatible for blind people.
  • Ellen had to make a statement because she was photographed with George W. Bush. Because apparently that's now a thing people get upset about.
  • Defunctland is an awesome YouTube channel with the background on some of your favorite theme parks and rides, and even some stuff you may have never known about.
  • Plus, I end up rambling at the end. I'm blaming the rambling on my lack of sleep because our puppy Lucy won't stop barking at night.

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