On this episode of The After Buzz:

  • I still haven't picked an NHL team, but I think I have a way of choosing. I just asked on Reddit, who I should be a fan of. We'll see what kind of responses I get.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean in Shanghai is WAY different than the one we know here in the United States.
  • I made it to the top of Mount Cristo Rey this past weekend.
  • I went out to Concordia Cemetery to do the Ghost Tour and it was pretty cool.
  • This episode wraps up with the 'tall-tale' of Jack Earle, who was "The World's Tallest Man'. Listed at 8 ftt 6 and a half inches, he was in movies, traveled with Ringing Bros. and made El Paso, TX his home. He passed away many years ago and is buried in the Concordia Cemetery. You can get more information on him by CLICKING HERE.

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