On this week's episode of The After Buzz:

  • I talk about the job market and the whole "graduate high school, go to college, get a job" thing doesn't always work. There are also tons of available jobs that are available with an apprenticeship that pay really, really well,
  • My dad is constantly trying to find welders for Precision Castparts. He works in HR and works with the hiring process. He says he can't find enough people to fill these jobs.
  • I have entirely too many stories about the bottle return back in Oregon. It's how we used to buy beer back in the day.
  • Plus everyone getting trophies as a kid never made much sense to me, even as a kid. I remember an awards ceremony where every team got a trophy and I didn't understand why.
  • And yes, my knuckles are bloodied up from fighting. That would be fighting a bag as I was training Krav Maga earlier this week. I had my hands wrapped, but I should have had my gloves on too. The wraps just wore the skin off my knuckles.

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