One this episode of The After Buzz, here are the topics:

  • Baseball - My team is actually good this year so I'm following baseball more than I normally do. Yes, that's the first place Minnesota Twins.
  • Soccer - Someone brought up in the Facebook chat today a questions about which sport the Northwest likes more, hockey, or soccer. The answer is soccer, hands down.
  • HBO - I finished the two seasons of Barry, and it's awesome. And with the new Deadwood movie being released last week, I have gone back and started watching the show. And it's brilliant. Ian McShane is amazing in that show.
  • Book - I finished reading The Firm and it was a great book. And now I've moved on to Stephen King's Finders Keepers.
  • I also delve into a few other topics including my mom bought a house! She was super excited about it and she'll be in a new place soon. Plus I got to hang out with my buddy Cazzey yesterday. In case you forget, he's the actor who you have probably seen before. He's one of the vikings from the Capital One commercials.

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