Producer Dave was out for this episode of The After Buzz, so I'm flying solo. Here are the topics covered:

  • Why you might hear music during the Buzz Adams Morning Show. We used to play music during the show, but don't anymore. But there are times when you'll hear music.
    • First - If you are listening on Rock 108 in Abilene, or 96.5 The Rock in San Angelo, you will hear music. When we break for commercials, each stations computers take over. We play commercials and have a local break to talk to El Paso on KLAQ. The other two stations play commercials and a song.
    • Second - If we don't have enough commercials to fill the time needed, I'll put a song in. The commercials have to time out to an exact time, so if we're undersold, you'll head music.
    • Third - If a company wants to buy out all the commercials, like Metro by T-Mobile. You'll hear their commercials, but it's not enough to fill an entire commercial stopset. So You'll hear music on these days.
  • I'm dive deep into 90 Day Fiance and all the different versions of the show that are now on. Plus a spinoff called The Family Chantel.
  • I cover the topic of student loans more because it was a pretty big topic on the MoSho.
  • And finally, I have a direct experience with ad tracking and how ads change depending on what you do.

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