Are all new Adam Sandler movies terrible? No, they're not. I watched Murder Mystery over the weekend, and it's not that bad. But you do have to watch them knowing it's a Sandler movie. There are some pretty awful ones though. Like the Ridiculous 6.

I've received some questions about why Buzz gets cut off during the show. Well, he's cut off on KLAQ, but not on Rock 108 or 96.5 The Rock. It's basically the way the computers and syndication works. But really it comes down to Buzz not being able to read a clock.

I'm reading some pretty good stuff now. From All New Guardians of the Galaxy on my Marvel Unlimited app, to Stephen King's Finders Keepers.

I have a 'Today I Learned' segment about Deadwood and the amount of cursing that's in the show.

And I wrap up things up with a journal entry from 12-year-old Brandon. This one consists of me getting punched during a basketball game. Oh, and quite possibly one of my first concussions because after I got punched I almost fell asleep in math class because my head hurt so bad.

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