We are back with The After Buzz after a week off. On this episode of The After Buzz, I'm talking about:

  • The trip to Austin I took with the family over the holiday week.
    • Traffic in Austin sucks, big time.
    • We went to Cracker Barrel for Thanksgiving dinner, and on the way out saw all the Black Friday sales going on. Since they weren't too busy, we decided to partake in the sale. I ended up buying enough stuff to have a whole new outfit every day this week.
  • My mom and sister visited El Paso over the Thanksgiving week as well. My sister somehow has a trip across Texas planned with my mother-in-law, despite my sister not able to speak Spanish and my mother-in-law not able to speak English.
  • Xmas Movie Madness is up and active now! So head on over and GO VOTE HERE.
  • And finally, I tell a story about how I mortified my wife in front of the Fairy Godmother in Disneyland.

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