It's the final After Buzz of 2019! So it's a year in review with pictures from the past year. Here are some highlights:

  • A couple pictures that weren't from the past year but still timely were of my tattoo. We talked about Disney Villains for our Mt. Rushmore a couple weeks ago, and I pushed for Chernabog. Now you can see what that tattoo really looks like.
  • There are lots of vacation photos with the family, from New Braunfels to Phoenix.
  • It wouldn't be a 2019 recap without reminiscing about the Metallica Day Miracle.
  • We also remember about sweet Lucy coming into our lives.
  • Plus pictures with Shim, my kid's reaction to the big Star Wars bombshell in Empire Strikes Back, and what the inside of my shoulder looked like. Yeah, I totally forgot about having surgery all the way back in January to repair a torn labrum.

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