I have a new dog! Seriously, the whole story is in this episode of The After Buzz.

  • The family's new dog Lucy! I was just minding my own business and this dog comes into our lives. Well, she's an absolute sweetheart, so we now have another dog.
  • Things are actually started off in this episode though about the commercials we play on the MoSho. "You guys play so many commercials! It's like 15 minutes of show and then 15 minutes of commercials!" It's not, and I explain.
  • I explain what a Chuck Wagon is.
  • I was educated as to what "culo" means here in the borderland. It's slightly different and less harsh down in South Florida.
  • And I have some life hacks that I need to speed through a bit because I really had to go to the bathroom. Yeah, I am actually bouncing up and down at the end of this episode.


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