Joining me on this week's After Buzz is Nico and Buzz. Why? Well, we'll get to that in a second. First, here are some of the other brief topics we cover.

  • This Friday at 10:30am MST, we'll do another MMA Talk as we get ready for UFC 224.
  • After 4 character creation live streams, we are now ready to have our first D&D game. It will be this Saturday at 7pm MST, at Military Gamer Supply. More info on that coming soon.

Now, the reason for Nico and Buzz to be on this week's After Buzz. There was apparently a bit of a spat between Buzz's two wayward boys who are taking up residence at Casa de Buzz. The spat revolved around a jar of "Girl Scout Cookies." I brought them both on to hopefully get to the bottom of this issue, but to be completely honest, I'm more confused now than I ever was. Thankfully we have a Magic 8 Ball laying around to solve the damn problem.

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