The Foo Fighters are making it commonplace to welcome kids to the stage for a quick jam and a sliver of rock stardom, if only momentarily. "Little Fonzie," the eight-year-old drummer who was brought up onstage in Nashville, Tennessee liked it too much and put Dave Grohl in the uncomfortable position of finding a polite way to get him offstage so they could continue.

Make no mistake, Little Fonzie, whose garb was reminiscent of the iconic and slick Happy Days character, is a skilled drummer as he flaunts his abilities behind the kit with an arena-ready presentation. His climactic buildups end in giant thumps and cymbal clashes, inviting applause from the crowd like any veteran would.

The trouble is that once the audience cheers, he starts bashing away at the kit again and, ultimately, for a couple minutes. Grohl jokes that the Foos have other songs to get to and when they finally coax him off the drum stool and offstage, he circles back and stands beside the frontman, staring upward. They have a little conversation before Grohl finds a clever solution.

Watch it all play out in the video above.

This Nashville show (May 4), wrapped up the current stateside run for the Foos, who are supporting their latest record, Concrete and Gold. They'll be back out in North America in July and again in October and you can see a list of dates here.

Earlier on the tour, the Foo Fighters brought up "KISS guy" (his face was painted like Gene Simmons)  to play "Monkey Wrench."

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