This week I was joined by Nico! Nico is a comedian who does gigs around El Paso and opened for Steve O last week. We talk about what the was like, being right behind Steve O for his finale, along with:

  • Why I'm fasting and hangry.
  • I apparently freaked out a nurse because my pulse was so low.
  • We talk about Valentine's Day and what everyone did. Nico hung out with friends. I almost burnt my apartment down, and Scott may have had one of the saddest Valentine's Days ever.
  • Nico drops some serious knowledge about a bunch of different topics.
  • Scott explains that he looks "splotchy" today.
  • Nico tells us about the recent comedian tour he did through the Northwest. Which included Pendleton, OR. Which hosts the Pendleton Round Up, the biggest rodeo in the Northwest.
  • And I explain how I thought Buzz was messing with me last weekend when he called me up to tell me he was actually going to the Comic Strip to see Steve O.

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