On this week's edition of The After Buzz:

  • I clear the Judge Jeanine argument. Seriously, every interview she does consists on 2 things
    • 1. - She says America has never been in a better place and the economy has never been better.
    • 2. - Once someone talks over her she starts crying about not letting her answer the questions.
  • I set the record straight on people thinking they are basing an argument on "facts" just because they have statistics. It's not that simple, and if you believe it is, you are simple minded.
  • I tell some work stories and talk about how I think we need mass firings across the US.
  • Shim Moore formerly of Sick Puppies was in town last week. So I talk about just how great of a guy he is and to look for his album when it hits stores at the end of September. The album will be called "Shim".
  • And finally, I wrap up talking about the new "challenges" that kids do and they aren't really anything new. It's just now everyone has a camera in their pocket.


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