It's already legal in a few states. Enough that it's getting more and more traction to become legal in more states. I'm, of course, talking about marijuana. I see no reason it shouldn't be legal. It's making money for the states that have legalized it, and crime has gone down. But there is a big concern for at least one Texas sheriff.

Smith County Sheriff Larry Smith admits that he's not as concerned about the people who actually use marijuana. It's the crime that comes with it. Well, if it's legalized, and monitored and taxed within reason, it's not an issue. I'm pretty sure gangsters ran the alcohol game during prohibition. Do we still have that problem now? Didn't think so.

“What has legalizing marijuana done to Colorado?” said Smith. “It is unmentionable the things that have done to make Colorado a state that has never been and they never wanted to be. Now, you have the Russian mafia coming in, you have the cartel coming in, you have a huge Cuban influx coming in. They've got a runaway train that they can't stop and it is bleeding the resources that they have in Colorado dry.”

Now, they do say that about 40% of the growing that happens in Colorado is exported illegally across the United States. You know causes the crime and brings in the bad guys? Having it illegal. It's actually kind of simple.


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