There are lots of things you can't bring on a plane, including containers with too much liquid in them. One guy from Texas thought that, despite a ban on too much liquids, it would be okay to pack up a missile launcher and put it in his checked bag.

It happened at Baltimore.Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport. As the TSA was going through checked bags, they noticed something that shouldn't be there and notified the police. The airport's police were able to track down the bag's owner and question him as to the contents of his checked bag.

The man, from Jacksonville, TX, said that he wanted the missile launcher as a souvenir from his tour of duty in Kuwait. Fortunately the device was not active and was turned over to the Maryland Fire Marshall for proper disposal.

The Texas man was allowed continue on his journey back home.

Unfortunately for him, military grade weapons are not allowed in check or carry on bags. However, civilian firearms are allowed with certain restrictions.

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