A Texas kayak company is in hot water after they went on a rant on Facebook targeting white women, Jewish people and Mexicans.

The owners of a Forth Worth, Texas kayak rental company, Forth Worth Kayak Adventures,  have lost their contract with the city after racist comments were made in a Facebook post.

The company's Facebook page was removed as of Thursday but previously they continued to make defamatory remarks calling angry responders "liberal snowflakes," "left whiners" among other names.

The original post was discussing why the company had to double their rates because new costs to the business including a new permit, a new liability insurance policy, commercial insurance for the company vehicle among other items. Instead of first explaining these issues, the Facebook post started with:

"To all you broke-ass hateful know-it-all white women and Facebook trolls that think they are going to Jew us down…"

The post continued to offend people from there telling people "this isn't Mexico", and they didn't stop with the one post. They responded to people's complaints to the post with more insults, making fun of people and arguing with people.

After the backlash began going viral, the owners finally apologized but made more excuses for their remarks. Lori Tenery owns the kayak company along with her husband and says her husband is Jewish and can't be anti-semitic. She did apologize for her husband's remarks:

"We're truly, truly sorry for everything that was said. We hope that you will find it in your hearts to forgive us and give us a chance again and make it right."

The city of Fort Worth announced on their Facebook page that they would be terminating their agreement with Fort Worth Kayak Adventures as of July 19th. The city says that they have to give a 30 day written notice of termination.

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