Texas inmates have come together and donated their own money to help out fellow Texans in need.

After Hurricane Harvey devastated Texas earlier this hurricane season, many Americans came together to help those in need in any way possible. One group that has decided to give back to their Texas communities?

Inmates within the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

The TDCJ said that Texas inmates started saving some of their commissioner money from August till the end of September and were able to raise over $53,000. The money was then donated to the American Red Cross. According to a statement by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice,

“After Hurricane Harvey struck Texas, people from across the nation came together to help rebuild the Lone Star State. Many donated to organizations who assisted those in need. Offenders incarcerated within TDCJ were no exception. Through the commissary, 145,000 offenders could choose to donate in one dollar increments to the American Red Cross. From August 31st – September 30th, they gave more than $53,000."

And this isn't the only time the inmates have raised funds for those in need. When Hurricane Katrina hit, the inmates raised $40,000 for the Red Cross.

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