It's homecoming time, which means it's the time for parades. And apparently cheerleaders jumping from floats in the parade to save baby's lives.

Tyra Winters is a a 17-year-old high school student at Rockwall High School. As their parade was moving along, Winters was on the float scanning the crowd when she noticed something odd. A toddler in the crowd was "super, super read."

Winter sprang into action, jumping from the float and performing the Heimlich maneuver on the choking child. Winters said:

I picked him up and then I tilted him downwards and gave him two or three back thrusts. He then was spitting everything up.

Nicole Hornback, the boy's mom, said that she was trying to help her son but couldn't get anything to work, and she was just trying to find someone in the crowd to help her baby. Fortunately for her, Tyra Winters was there.

Just where did Winters learn the Heimlich? She says that her mother taught it to her a few years ago and that she knew exactly what to do when she saw the boy in trouble.


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