It's the back flip heard round the world! Seriously. On Friday, EPCC held their graduation at the Don Haskins Center and then, no one knew that it would go down in history. There's always the one guy. You know. The one guy who does a back flip when they call his name. It happens. And trust me, I get it. It's an exciting time, walking across that stage makes you feel ecstatic- if I was in shape, I would have done a back flip at my graduation! But I didn't, because back flips are tricky!

Graduate Koutangni Dimitri Gbedji-Sopka is a name that no one will forget! As his name was called on Friday his happiness took over and he decided it was a perfect time for a back flip, unfortunately it didn't quite go as planned:

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Let's look at that again, shall we?

You have to give the guy mad props for being such a good sport about it? He messed up in front of EVERYONE and still laughed it off, posed for his picture and walked it off. Good for you, Koutangni Dimitri Gbedji-Sopka! I hope you're okay, and congratulations on your accomplishment, I mean the diploma, lay off the back flips for a bit!

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