Oh Internet! You've done it again! In a new Facebook post that's gone viral, one poster suggests, "I'm not saying Ted Cruz might be the lead singer of Stryper, I'm saying he's DEFINITELY the lead singer of Stryper."

The post from Michael Boulerice shows a photo of Cruz and an old band photo from Stryper side-by-side where the facial similarities and pose of vocalist Michael Sweet are pretty striking. Check out the post below.

Speaking with the Daily Dot about the viral post, Michael Sweet stated, "It always amazes me how often posts that really matter never see the light of day, yet some wannabe comes along and posts something that is so ridiculous yet it goes viral? Twisted, yet the way it is. If I'm the real Ted Cruz, then maybe Robert is Donald Trump, Tim is Hillary Clinton and Oz is Marco Rubio? Wow! Is it true??? Hmm……"

Later, having a little more fun with it, he tweeted, "So I guess my doppelganger is Ted Cruz? Guess I better cancel the Stryper tour so I can focus on my campaign ;-)"

So is Ted Cruz the "second coming" of Michael Sweet? Does the presidential candidate have a plan for a "yellow and black attack"? And forget about taxes ... we want to know when Cruz will draft a bill for "no more hell to pay." Internet, what will you think of next?!

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