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On Wednesday, Yahoo News came out with a story saying Texas Senator Ted Cruz "defended parents doing Nazi Salutes at School Board Meetings."

A heated exchange broke out between Senator Cruz and U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland during a Senate hearing on Wednesday. This is part of what was said during the exchange according to Yahoo News:

“My God! A parent did a Nazi salute at a school board because they thought the policies were oppressive,” Cruz dramatically exclaimed. “General Garland, is doing a Nazi salute at an elected official, is that protected by the First Amendment?”

“Yes, it is,” Garland calmly replied, prompting Cruz to then claim the memo to the FBI says “go investigate parents as domestic terrorists.”

Cruz responded to the allegations on Twitter:

Obviously, Senator Cruz is fired up here, but I honestly don't think that senator was really defending this parent. It really seems like Yahoo News is trying to twist the Senator's words. He is defending free speech, but not necessarily what was said.

The media like to embellish things or even put things out there that are outlandish just to get clicks. It would be nice to see some accountability in reporting.

Where are the journalists you can trust nowadays? The world needs Walter Cronkite right now. He used to tell things like they were without embellishment or sensationalism. We have gotten away from that in this Google or even a Yahoo world.

So, tell us what you think of this story. Do you think Senator Cruz is defending parents who do Nazi salutes or is he just defending their right to do so? Let us know on Facebook or on our station app.

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