This week the Consumer Electronics Show is going down in Las Vegas. The CES is where many of the most successful, iconic tech products of the past 50 plus years have made their public debut. Of course, the CES has also been the site of countless flops and failures.

Our contest today is SCI FI or CES. What follows is a list of cool gadgets and technological marvels. Some of them actually were at the Consumer Electronics Show this year. The others exist only (for now) in the realm of Science Fiction. The answers are futher down. No peeking!

  • 1.) A TV that will flip over when showing a vertical video
  • 2.) A trash can that will tie up the bag itself when it gets full
  • 3.) An aerosol spray that you spray on dog poop and it makes the poop disintegrate.
  • 4.) A device that will instantly chill wine bottles, beer and soda cans and other beverages
  • 5.) DNA paired firearms that will only fire if the trigger is pulled by someone whose DNA is synced to the weapon
  • 6.) A dog harness that will measure your pet’s biometrics and tell you what they are feeling
  • 7.) A ring-sized “sonic agitator” that when activated will shatter glass in your immediate vicinity
  • 8.) Safety Foam that fills your car instantaneously whenever a collision is detected
  • 9.) A Segway that you sit in like a chair instead of ride standing up
  • 10.) A contained plasma field that can cut quickly through any substance from wood to re-enforced steel.

And now…the answers!

1.) REAL! The Samsung Sero TV can go from horizontal to vertical mode in four seconds at the push of a button.

2.) REAL! The Townew T1 Smart Trash can will hermetically seal your garbage when the bag is full.

3.) SCI-FI! That’s “Va-poo-rize” which was the invention that made Jack Black’s character ultra-wealthy in the movie “Envy”.

4.) REAL! This product is called “Juno” and it’s being described as “the reverse microwave”. If you were to take a room temperature 12 oz. can of beer and put it into the Juno will chill it to frosty-cold deliciousness in about 1 minute.

5.) SCI-FI! Firearms have had fingerprint based security technology for a while now. The DNA-synced guns are from Judge Dredd, though.

6.) REAL! It’s called the Langualass and it’s a harness your doggo wears. It measures the canine’s vitals and indicates the mood they’re in via a color coded display.

7.) SCI-FI! The “sonic agitator” is a device that Q gives to 007 in the movie “Die Another Day:”

8.) SCI-FI! The safety foam is from the Stallone movie “Demolition Man”.

9.) REAL! The Segway s-Pod answers a resounding YES to the question, “Can mall security guards look any LESS intimidating?” As a bonus, it’s perfect for cosplaying as Professor X!

10.) SCI-FI! That’s a description of a light saber from Star Wars and, sadly, that kind of tech is a LONG way off.

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