Did anyone even know there's a rule against a jockey using his horse to block other horses? If that's so, where did the term "jockeying for position" ever come from? Do they have lanes? Because I sure can't see any.
Also, they kept showing a replay of the moment the infraction took place. It looked just like every horse race I've ever seen, except muddier.
(P)Resident Trump commented on Twitter saying "Only in these days of political correctness could such an overturn occur. The best horse did NOT win the Kentucky Derby . . . not even close!"

"Political Correctness"?? Couldn't he think of some way to blame Obama or Hillary?
You might be asking yourself, "Gee, doesn't the president of the U.S. have anything better to do on a Saturday than tweet about a horse race?" And normally he would. But it was raining at Mar-a-Lago so his round got canceled.

Here’s a quiz for you. Each of the following is either one of the horses that competed in the Kentucky Derby…OR, a sex term as defined on Urban Dictionary.com.

Correct answers follow.

1.)Master Fencer
2.) Clam Jam
3.)Eskimo Trebuchet
4.) Gray Magician
5.) Spinoff
6.) She Got That Water
7.) Roadster
8.) Moon Landing
9.) Jackintosh
10.)Game Winner
11.) Bloggy Style

Ok, scroll down a little further for the answers.


2.) SEX TERM (Clam Jam is the female version of a c*** block)

3.) SEX TERM (It involves “tucking” and…you know what? You better just look Eskimo Trebuchet up for yourself)





8.) SEX TERM (Moon Landing is when two people of the same gender are in a locker room changing clothes back to back and they both bend over at the same time and their buttock briefly touch)

9.) SEXTERM (A “jackintosh” is a computer used solely for watching porn. In a sentence: “I have a desktop at work, a laptop at home AND an Ipad that I use as my jackintosh”)

10.) HORSE

11.) SEX TERM (“Bloggy Style” is doggy-style but both partners are on their laptops live-blogging the whole time).

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