Here are some common myths when it comes to survival that could end up getting you killed. One of which, I've tried to tell people before, but for some reason no one believes me.

  1. Suck the venom out of a snake bite. - This solution to a venomous bite has been in a few things. City Slickers. It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. This doesn't work however though, and it actually just adds bacteria to the wound. You want to keep the bite below heart level and get to a hospital quickly.
  2. Always play dead when you're attacked by a bear - This depends on the kind of bear. But the most common bear in the US is the black bear. And you don't want to play dead with a black bear. You want to fight back.
  3. Find a food supply if you're lost in the wilderness - You actually need to find water first and foremost. You'll die far sooner from a lack of water than you would forma lack of food.
  4. The fluid in a cactus can save your life with water - Not all cacti have water in them, but the ones that do, will probably make you sick. Which means you'll most likely end up throwing up, which will then dehydrate you more.
  5. Moss grows on the north side of trees - Don't use this trick to navigate. Moss can grow on all sides of trees. It just depends on the environmental conditions.
  6. If an animal eats something, it's safe for you to eat - There are lots of things that animals eat that you can't eat. So if you see a bird eating some berries, don't bet on being able to eat those berries yourself.
  7. Rub someone's skin or put them in hot water if they're freezing - Both of these can do more damage than good. It's best to use blankets and even warm water bottles under the arm pits.
  8. If a shark attacks you, punch it in the nose - This is one I've been telling people for years. Punching it in the nose won't do a whole lot. You want to attack a vulnerable area like the eyes or gills.
  9. Always swim parallel to shore if you're caught in a rip current - The best solution is to swim at a angle away from the current but towards the shore.
  10. A lean-to is a great shelter - While it might be a good shelter depending on the elements, it's not guaranteed to be what you need. If you're in the sun, you need shade. If you're in the cold, you need warmth.

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