Suicide Silence have just unleashed the new track “Silence” and many fans are already grabbing tickets to board the hate train.

“Silence” is the second single from the Suicide Silence's upcoming self-titled album, following the polarizing “Doris,” which gave fans their first taste of Eddie Hermida’s clean vocals. Response to “Doris” was mixed at best and poisonous at worst, and the early response to “Silence” seems to follow that same pattern.

“Silence” begins with a few measures of dissonant crunch before mellowing out a bit to give Hermida some vocal space for his Chino Moreno / Jonathan Davis-inspired delivery. Though Hermida brings forth gutturals you’ve come to expect from the vocalist, the majority of “Silence” is clean as a whistle.

As of this posting, “Silence” has twice as many dislikes than likes on YouTube, with fans all over various social media platforms spewing salty criticism at Suicide Silence’s new direction. Some die-hards are defending the song too, praising the deathcore act's willingness to take a sharp left turn. If earlier responses from Eddie Hermida and producer Ross Robinson are any indication, we can safely assume the two are taking this negativity in stride.

Check out “Silence” in the clip above and get ready for Suicide Silence to hit shelves come Feb. 24.

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