I know, we talk about 90 Day Fiance a lot on the MoSho. But that's because it's awesome! The new season of Before the 90 Days has a man by the name of Big Ed. Big Ed puts mayonnaise in his hair. Seriously, just watch:

I've heard of people putting mayonnaise on their feet and hands and covering them up to moisturize them, so this didn't seem all that shocking. During the MoSho, we asked if anyone had any strange remedies they knew about. The listeners did not disappoint.

Lo Aguilar I’ve heard of women putting cabbage on their breast when they are done breast feeding.

Ittap Raehpnal A bar of soap under the sheet takes leg cramps

Rosales JA My mom and aunt would tell me to put cut raw potatoes over my eyes if I was welding to help with burning eyes

Alejandro Ahedo I got a crazy remedy. When ever I got hurt when I was a kid my grandma would always do "Sana Sana Colita De Rana" and somehow like the mythical Miyagi rub down it cured the hurt area.

Jeannie McGuinness When you get the hiccups, eat a bite of peanut butter and itll take it away instantly

JimmyGizelle Martinez My moms friend used to make their daughters eat vapo rub if they were starting to get a sore throat or cold

Irma Sarmiento My grandma used to wrap our feet with a plastic bag filled with roasted tomatoes, when we had sore throat. I swear the pain dissapeared.

Michelle Dominguez When you had a stomach ace my grandma would pull our back skin and dangle us never worked just painful

Brittney Goldstein Not crazy but for burns you put mustard on it

Tim Aime Martinez Sliced potatoes soaked in vinegar place in a towel tie around your forehead to take fever

Rhett Hill One that I use that I swear works is sucking on cinnamon candy to get rid of a headache.

Mauro Munoz My dad would put rubbing alcohol on his feet and light them up for athletes foot. As a kid seeing this I tried helping him out while he was sleeping one time and he woke up cussing me out in spanish.

JimmyGizelle Martinez My mom would make a funnel also out of newspaper and put it in your ear and then light it on fire. This was meant to cure ear aches or if your ear was clogged up like when you go up to trans mountain

I have one that I remember growing up with, but it was obviously just a good. "Rub some third base dirt on it." If you got hurt on the ball field. Could be anything from a cut to a bruise, just rub some third base dirt on it.

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