This has become pretty much a weekly thing talking about a police shooting. And with each one there are people who are on one side of the fence, regardless of the circumstances. Recently a man, Juan Gabriel Torres, was shot and killed by police in Las Cruces, NM.

Not to say that any police shooting is pretty cut and dry, but this one has lots of layers to it. First, his family called out police for using deadly force. "My son was a human being," Isabel Torres, Juan's mother said. "He had a family. He had me. He had his brothers. He had his sons."

She added "Just because you have a badge and a gun does not mean you need to shoot to kill. Why did they have to kill him when they could've tasered him? I feel like they could have talked to him and calmed him down."

This is still pretty standard of most police shootings, The family doesn't believe that deadly force was necessary. But here is where the story takes a turn and ends up getting confusing.

Juan Gabriel Torres was sentenced on August 11th to serve more than one year in jail for parole violation. But just one day later he was bonded out. Apparently it wasn't until August 17th that the papers were filed and the jail was notified of his sentence. (???) Yup, took 6 days. According to a court liaison at the Dona Ana County Detention Center, it was well within Torres' rights to leave the facility in those 6 days.

However, District Attorney Mark D'Antonio said in a statement, "Mr. Torres was recently sentenced to two years in prison and should have been in custody at the time of the incident. My office is currently investigating what led to his release and why standard operating procedures were not followed."

With all of this, it should be noted that Torres, was suspected of stealing a truck, suspected of another robbery, had a blade on him that he wouldn't drop when informed to by the police at the time of the shooting. Also, he was convicted on kidnapping and battery charges.

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