Static-X have uncovered lost vocal tracks from the late Wayne Static. Thanks to the discovery, the band’s upcoming Project Regeneration album will feature Wayne’s vocals on more than half the record.

In late 2018, bassist Tony Campos, guitarist Koichi Fukuda and drummer Ken Jay announced a reunion of surviving Static-X original members. The band’s first album since 2009’s Cult of Static is planned, along with a 20th anniversary tour for Wisconsin Death Trip.

Though Project Regeneration has seen some delays, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as described by Static-X in a new update:

Thank you to EVERYONE who has participated in PROJECT REGENERATION thus far!!!The response has been UNBELIEVABLE!
We wanted to take a moment to update everyone on where things are at with the new album..
WE HAVE AMAZING NEWS!!-After announcing Project Regeneration to the world, we unexpectedly uncovered even more unreleased tracks left behind by Wayne..-Because of this, the album will have fewer guest vocalists and more complete songs featuring lead vocals by Wayne Static…-In the end, we couldn’t be more excited about the music that we are making togetherand we know that Wayne would be honored and proud.-These extra tracks creates allot of unexpected work for us and for our producers. As a result, our timeline has been thrown off a little bit.
RIGHT NOW:-We are focused on finishing 12 tracks for Project Regeneration.–Wayne’s Lead Vocals will appear on more than half of the album..–Wayne’s fingerprints and those of the original WDT lineup are all over this record.-We will be releasing several music / video clips in the coming weeks, so that we can begin to share our progress..
RELEASE DATE:-We are very sorry for the delay and we want to thank everyone for your patience..-We are in the process of finalizing a label partner, in order to ensure that “Project Regeneration” will be promoted and distributed worldwide, just like all previous Static-X albums..-Unfortunately, until we finalize our label partner, we are unable to release a full song / single, but we promise that we will release one AS SOON AS POSSIBLE..-While many people were excited by the music in the teaser, we want to clarify that those clips were “works in progress”..-We have been working diligently to complete these works, while also preparing for the upcoming tour.-Please note that ALL merchandise purchased from our webstore ships out immediately..-The only items that have yet to ship are those associated with the “Pre Order” for Project Regeneration..
MORE TOUR DATES-The demand for the 20th anniversary WDT tour has been overwhelming…-We are in the process of booking additional dates for later this year as we intend to hit many of the regions that we were unable to get to with the first tour announce..
THANK YOU-Thank you so much for all of the love and support!!-20 Years of Static-X and Wisconsin Death Trip is just unbelievable to us!!!
Thank you!Tony, Ken, Koichi, and of course Wayne…

The Wisconsin Death Trip 20th anniversary tour with Static-X, DevilDriver and Dope will begin June 18 in Tempe, Ariz. and finish July 27 in Las Vegas.

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