The late '90s saw the return of heavier rock in a major way with a wealth of up-and-coming bands making their mark on the music scene and setting up what would become the core of the early 21st Century hard rock scene. One of those bands was Staind, a four-piece formed in Springfield, Mass., in the mid-'90s.

Led by singer-guitarist Aaron Lewis and rounded out by lead guitarist Mike Mushok, bassist Johnny April and drummer Jon Wysocki, the band began their rise to fame with a self-released debut disc that garnered them label interest and after signing to a major label with the help of Fred Durst, the started their domination of rock radio over the next decade-plus. There are a lot of hits filling up several albums, but which of their discs is the best?

Join us and flip through the gallery below as we rank Staind's studio albums from weakest to strongest.

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